AI study reveals Emily Upjohn will win Ascot King George and Queen Elizabeth

Royal Ascot image courtesy of Ascot Racecourse AI study reveals Frankie Dettori’s ride Emily Upjohn will win ‘race of the season’ King George at Ascot

AI has revealed that Frankie Dettori’s mount in the Ascot King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Emily Upjohn, has the best chance of winning what is being described as the race of the season.

BonusCodeBets used ChatGPT to identify the key traits of winning horses, and Frankie Dettori’s ride, Emily Upjohn, matched six out of seven key qualities that AI identified a horse needs to win the race.

The qualities are – stamina, form, talent, adaptability, jockey skill, pedigree and age – of which 5/1-shot Emily Upjohn meets more requirements than any other horse in the race.

Auguste Rodin is the 10/3 favourite, but only his five of the criteria, falling short in the age and pedigree category, while rival Emily Upjohn only falls short in the Adaptability due to her form on soft ground.

Second-favourite King Of Steel only hits three categories, suggesting that value could be elsewhere in the market with Hukum (9/2), Pyledriver (15/2) and Westover (14/1) all meeting more of AI’s requirements for a winning horse with five matches.

A BonusCodeBets spokesperson said: “There’s no doubt that Saturday’s Ascot King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes is the race of the season, and punters are in for an absolute treat as the best in the business take each other on in what will be a classic.

“Picking a winner from this talented bunch will take some doing, but AI has given punters a helping hand by predicting that 5/1 shot Emily Upjohn and Frankie Dettori are the most-likely winners despite trailing 10/3 favourite Auguste Rodin in the betting.”

How many of AI’s seven requirements to win the King George does each horse meet?

Emily Upjohn – 6

Auguste Rodin – 5

Hukum – 5

Pyledriver – 5

Westover – 5

Luxembourg – 4

Hamish – 4

King Of Steel – 3

Deauville – 3

Point Lonsdale – 3

Bolshoi Ballet – 3

Odds: Auguste Rodin 10/3, King Of Steel 4/1, Hukum 9/2, Emily John 5/1, Pyledriver 15/2, Westover 14/1, Luxembourg 16/1, Deauville Legend 28/1, Hamish 66/1, Point Lonsdale 100/1, Bolshoi Ballet 150/1


AI: “The King George Stakes is a 1 ½-mile (12 furlongs) race, so a winning horse must have a good balance of speed and stamina. The ability to sustain a strong pace over this distance is crucial.”

Distance winners: Auguste Rodin, Hukum, King Of Steel, Emily Upjohn, Pyledriver, Westover, Deauville Legend, Hamish


AI: “A winning horse is likely to be in excellent form leading up to the race and have a solid fitness level. Consistent performance in previous races and recent victories are indicators of a horse in top shape.”

Horses with a win this season (from May): August Rodin, Hukum, King Of Steel, Emily Upjohn, Pyledriver, Luxembourg, Westover, Hamish, Point Lonsdale


AI: “King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes is a race for elite horses, so a winning horse should have a high level of class and talent. Look for horses that have previously performed well in top-tier races or other prestigious events.”

Group One-winning horses: Auguste Rodin, Emily Upjohn, Pyledriver, Luxembourg, Westover, Bolshoi Ballet


AI: “Ascot’s turf course can vary based on weather conditions, and the ability to handle different ground types is essential. A versatile horse that can perform well on both firm and soft ground will have an advantage.”

Won on soft ground (Friday’s Ascot going): Auguste Rodin, King Of Steel, Hukum, Luxembourg, Hamish, Point Lonsdale

Jockey Skill

AI: “A skilled jockey who knows the horse well and can navigate the race effectively is a significant factor in achieving victory. The jockey’s experience in handling high-pressure races is vital. Races like the King George Stakes can be tactical, with jockeys having to make critical decisions during the race. A winning horse is likely to respond well to its jockey’s cues and have a good sense of timing.”

Horses with King George-winning jockeys: Auguste Rodin (Ryan Moore), Emily Upjohn (Frankie Dettori)


AI: “A horse’s lineage can sometimes be an indicator of its potential. Horses with successful ancestors in longer distance races might have an advantage.”

Horses with sires that have produced winners in the race: Hukum (Sea Of Stars), Pyledriver (Harbour Watch), Emily Upjohn (Sea The Stars), Westover (Frankel), Deauville Legend (Sea The Stars), Bolshoi Ballet (Galileo)


AI: “While younger horses can win, the race often favours slightly older horses that have more racing experience and maturity.”

Horses aged four or older: Hukum, Emily Upjohn, Pyledriver, Westover, Luxembourg, Deauville Legend, Hamish, Point Lonsdale, Bolshoi Ballet 

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