Netflix: The Potential New Dark Horse in Racing Content?

Could Netflix change the face of UK horse racing? Image of Netflix logo

Rumours of Netflix getting into UK horse racing persist but what would it mean in the real world of UK horse racing? Find out more in our article below. Netflix, known for reshaping the landscape of television consumption, has been subject to much speculation about an audacious move into the realm of horse racing content. But what could this shift mean for traditional television, dedicated sports provider, race goers and betting? What might a Netflix racing catalogue look like? Let’s trot through the possibilities. The Current State of Horse Racing…

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QIPCO British Champions Day: A Celebration of UK Horseracing Excellence

QIPCO British Champions Day 2022 at Ascot Racecourse. Image retrieved from Ascot Racecourse

In the pantheon of UK horseracing events, few days shine as brightly as the QIPCO British Champions Day at Ascot. As one of the most prestigious fixtures in the racing calendar, it encapsulates the very essence of elite British racing – a culmination of the Flat racing season that draws in the creme de la creme of the racing world. Dive into a day replete with heritage, thrilling competition, and facts that will leave every horseracing aficionado eager for more. QIPCO British Champions Day Though Ascot’s rich history dates back…

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AI study reveals Emily Upjohn will win Ascot King George and Queen Elizabeth

Royal Ascot image courtesy of Ascot Racecourse AI study reveals Frankie Dettori’s ride Emily Upjohn will win ‘race of the season’ King George at Ascot

AI has revealed that Frankie Dettori’s mount in the Ascot King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Emily Upjohn, has the best chance of winning what is being described as the race of the season. BonusCodeBets used ChatGPT to identify the key traits of winning horses, and Frankie Dettori’s ride, Emily Upjohn, matched six out of seven key qualities that AI identified a horse needs to win the race. The qualities are – stamina, form, talent, adaptability, jockey skill, pedigree and age – of which 5/1-shot Emily Upjohn meets more requirements…

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 Analyzing Jockey-Trainer Statistics for Successful Horse Racing Betting

horse racing analysing jockey-trainer statistics in horse betting

Horse racing has always been a thrilling and popular sport, attracting enthusiasts and bettors alike. For those looking to place successful bets, analyzing jockey-trainer statistics is a crucial step in making informed decisions. Jockeys and trainers play pivotal roles in a horse’s performance, and understanding their track record can significantly increase your chances of winning. In this article, we will delve into the importance of horse racing jockey trainer statistics and explore how you can use this information to enhance your horse racing betting strategy. The Significance of Jockey-Trainer Partnerships…

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The interesting life of Frankie Dettori

Franki Dettori and Courage Mon Ami after winning the Gold Cup. Image credit Megan Ridgwell

As any horse racing fan is no doubt aware, Frankie Dettori’s last race happened at Ascot this week. To have a final win on such hallowed ground in a last race is something most jockeys can only dream of. Frankie Dettori was a highly accomplished and renowned jockey in the sport of horse racing. Born on December 15, 1970, in Milan, Italy, Dettori has had a remarkable career spanning several decades. His professional horse racing career began over three decades ago, in 1986 as an apprentice jockey in Italy. He…

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Wet weather and racing. It’s messy.

Wet weather puddle

Anyone in the UK right now knows that the weather has been rather wet these last few days after several days of fine racing weather. Wet weather racing impacts racegoers, jockeys, horses and even the outcome. Simply put, the track conditions and the performance of the horses can be significantly impacted. Here are some of the effects of wet weather on horse racing: Track conditions: Wet weather and heavy rain can result in a soft or heavy track surface. The increased moisture can make the track muddy, boggy, or waterlogged. This…

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Ascot, the Royal Race Course

Grande Dame, winner of the Naas Racecourse Royal Ascot Trials Day British EBF Fillies' Conditions Stakes, under Ryan Moore. Image of horses racing on grass at Ascot with the race stands behind them

Ascot, the royal race course … Explore the captivating elements that contribute to the greatness of Ascot racecourse, including its esteemed event, Royal Ascot, in our featured article here. UK horse racing is great, there is no doubt about that. That doesn’t mean that all courses are equally famous or well-regarded. Ascot Racecourse, located in Berkshire, is renowned for several reasons, which contribute to its greatness and popularity. Ascot Racecourse is located in Berkshire, England, and has a history that can be traced back over three hundred years. As a…

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What is flat racing?

Flat horse racing - UK horses racing on grass

Flat racing is what most non-racing fans consider to be horse racing. Flat racing is run on a fixed flat course. Unlike steeple chase racing, it doesn’t involve obstacles and is purely concerned with first past the post amongst a group of horses (The field). Flat racing is designed to test the stamina of the horse and jockey alongside the riding skill of the jokey. That may sound a bit of a simple test, but there is more to it than that. Sometimes it’s all about the handicap Running a…

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Placing a good bet

Horses racing on grass image to represent an article on placing a good bet

This is the one thing that everyone placing a bet wants to know how to do well. There is a lot of science and a touch of luck. Placing a good horse racing bet requires a combination of research, analysis, and understanding the factors that can influence a race’s outcome. Here are some tips to help you place a well educated horse racing bet: Placing a good bet means getting intimate with the form Analysing the past performance of the horses participating in the race is a good way to…

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Racing odds explained

racing odds explained image of horse being walked in front of race goers

Racing odds are part of the excitement of the race, who is offering what odds, are they odds on etc all comes in the potential to win. At the same time, a lot of people who have never really bet, struggle to understand racing odds. At the end of the day, racing odds are simple maths. That said, I am not awesome at maths so I am going to explain it like I was five (hopefully) in the hope of helping people get how it works. Racing odds, as a…

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