Connolly’s RED MILLS joins forces with HEROS Charity

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Global equine nutrition company Connolly’s RED MILLS have joined forces with HEROS Charity, a prominent organisation dedicated to ex-racehorse retraining and providing education opportunities, in a new partnership dedicated to championing equine welfare. 

HEROS Charity, established in 2006, initially focused on retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses. Founder Grace Muir recognized the untapped potential of these horses for a second career beyond racing. Over the years, HEROS Charity has expanded its services to encompass various equine-related initiatives, including education and training programmes. These offerings range from alternative school placements for students aged 11 to 16, to post-16 learning courses. HEROS Charity specialises in engaging students with special educational needs (SEN) and those facing challenges in mainstream education. The organization takes great pride in providing individualised care to horses and students.

Connolly’s RED MILLS shares HEROS Charity’s vision of prioritising the welfare and nutrition of racehorses throughout their entire lives, including retirement. The partnership reflects the company’s commitment to putting the horse at the centre of their operations and supporting their nutritional needs from start to finish. 

Adam Johnson, UK Thoroughbred Manager for Connolly’s RED MILLS, said

We firmly believe that racehorses deserve the best in nutrition throughout their careers and beyond. By working with HEROS we can demonstrate our support for a sector of the racing industry that is essential to the success of the sport.”

Grace Muir, Chief Executive, and founder of HEROS Charity, said:

  • We are delighted to have the support from Connolly’s RED MILLS and their expert team who understand the industry and what we’re trying to achieve with our work at HEROS. We’re looking forward to the opportunities the partnership will provide.”

Through this partnership, the company will provide nutritional expertise and resources to HEROS Charity. RED MILLS’ commitment to equine nutrition excellence aligns perfectly with HEROS Charity’s mission of creating brighter futures for horses and students.

Both Connolly’s RED MILLS and Hero’s Charity are excited about the potential outcomes of this partnership and the opportunities it presents to create a more compassionate and sustainable future for horses and young people.


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