Kimblewick point-to-point

Kimblewick Races Point-to-point in action. Image credit Hattie Austin

Kimblewick point-to-point takes place this weekend around the small village of Kimblewick in Buckinghamshire. For those unaware, point-to-point racing is a form of amateur steeplechase racing, in which horses race over a course of obstacles such as hedges, ditches and fences. It is not just one race but several races over the space of several hours and also distances. In total seventy seven horses across the six races of the day.

This second Kimblewick race meeting starts at 2pm this Sunday 7th May and promises to be an interesting affair if our inbox from various trainers and pundits is anything to go on.

The Kimblewick point-to-point has been held annually since 1948 and attracts riders and horses from across the country. It is a popular event in the point-to-point racing calendar and is well-known for its challenging course. Its a firm yearly favourite amongst racing fans and equestrian people alike.

What differentiates Kimblewick from the more professional racing is that typically the horses and owners are amateur. Everything is geared towards the true racing sport rather than the sums wagered and the well known horses and jockey combos that cover the upper tier of racing.

As for the betting angle, as with most UK point to point racing the Tote will be on-hand to allow you to place your bet. For more information on the very unique Tote and how it works, check out our (maybe) authoritative guide to the Tote and its history.

The event

The Kimblewick Hunt organises the event, and it usually takes place in the spring. Spectators can watch the races from designated viewing areas along the course. It is a ticketed event. The tickets can be purchased from the official online ticket website. Admission is £15 per adult with under 17s gaining free entry.

A quick tip here… Kimblewick is one of those sites where the postcode isn’t quite correct so event organisers suggest to use the postcode OX39 4SG. You’ll be glad you did, believe me!

Kimblewick point-to-point also allows well behaved dogs and picnics, so it really can be a fun day for the entire family. More information about non-racing animals and food can be found here.

Kimblewick point to point races this week.
Feature Image: Kimblewick Point-to-Point. Image credit Hattie Austin

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