Racing odds explained

racing odds explained image of horse being walked in front of race goers

Racing odds are part of the excitement of the race, who is offering what odds, are they odds on etc all comes in the potential to win. At the same time, a lot of people who have never really bet, struggle to understand racing odds. At the end of the day, racing odds are simple maths. That said, I am not awesome at maths so I am going to explain it like I was five (hopefully) in the hope of helping people get how it works. Racing odds, as a…

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Top gambling losses

gambling losses image of a man with his head in hands

No one likes to take a gambling loss. Most gamblers will take the attitude of “Win some, lose some”. For obvious reasons people don’t like to broadcast losses. Occasionally the amounts involved can be so big that they make the wrong type of racing history. This article examines a few top losses and the story behind them. There are, without a doubt, bigger losses, but we will never get to hear about them. As ever, when the fun stops, stop. For entertainment purposes, let’s count them down: Terrance Watanabe –…

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