Off beat betting. Weird but fun bets

off beat betting Images of Camel Racing in Tunisia with a crowd behind them.

Horse racing is awesome but sometimes off beat betting gives completely new gives renewed excitement and an experience to remember. These are not the type of bets a reader could place in the local betting shop or domestic on-line betting site but it is possible to bet on the following, remembering it’s all about the fun… “I won. My camel came in at 10-1” would be an interesting conversation starter even with non-gamblers on a Monday morning.

Camel Racing

One of the most well known alternatives to horse racing is Camel racing. This is particularly true in the Middle East and North Africa. In these parts camel racing is a popular sport and large sums can be wagered. Just because it’s camels doesn’t mean its low-brow. These races can attract significant prize money and are often accompanied by lavish ceremonies and celebrations, just like here in the major UK horse racing calendar. The prize money can also be quite substantial too. The Boulia Desert Sands race in Australia has a cool half-mil (AUS) in prize money for the winner.

Donkey Racing

“That horse is a right donkey.” is a common phrase but why should Donkeys not have the glamour and prestige of racing? Donkey racing, similar to camel racing, involves jockeys riding the Donkeys and competing against each other. Donkey races are particularly popular in some rural areas of the UK and are often held as part of local festivals and fairs. A good Donkey is worth a fair few quid to the right people.

Ostrich Racing

Be cautious with this one. Ostriches can be more temperamental than any other racing-focused animal. Whilst not massively popular outside South Africa it does have a cult following. These races are known to be quite entertaining as ostriches are known for their unpredictable nature. I am glad I am not an Ostrich jockey for sure! Betting on an Ostrich that may be having a bad day may not win any money but it will generate a good afternoon out if nothing else.

Pig Racing

This is a popular form of entertainment at county fairs and other similar events. Pig races involve small pigs racing around a track, usually with the encouragement of food and treats. Again, there is little in the way of professional pig racing but pigs are actually very intelligent animals that can be trained. They love treats more so it’s a lottery as to which pig wins (unless of course, someone nobbles the other pigs. Check out our biggest scandals in horse racing for that story).

The choices

With so many options for an alternative flutter, there is plenty of opportunity for off beat betting along with lots of fun and mischievous animals doing crazy stuff. If you are lucky you may just win some money too!

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